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Welcome to KJ_Icons

Welcome to my "icon lj". I make icons, wallpapers, friend's only banners, forum sigs, avatars, etc. You name it, I can probably do it. I may not be a master at it, but I try my best.

Remember to give credit where credit is due. If I find you "stealing" my icons, I'll post you on my blacklist. Save yourself the trouble and just give me credit for my work, please.

My personal LJ: mystic_wings
My World of Warcraft LJ: antitweak

14 New Sailor Moon Icons!!

Well, I want to start by saying this is my very first set of new & improved icons. If you take a look at my old stuff, these new icons blow that out of the water. It's like suddenly, I have all this new found skill, & I have no idea where it came from. So sit back, relax, & enjoy... If you like Sailor Moon that is...

Standard teasers:
Fighting Evil By Moonlight, Making Icons By Daylight...Collapse )

New Wallpapers

I pretty much finished the Smash Brothers wallpaper I was working on. I came up with 2 different versions.
Dark & LightCollapse )

3 New Icons

I added 1 video game icon & 2 comic icons.

I just updated all the galleries. There are now wallpapers, icons, & banners. I will be making more soon & they will be much better than what's in the galleries now (most of what's there is my older work). I am currently taking requests for icons & banners.

The First Post

Welcome to kj_icons! This is an artwork only livejournal. You won't find my drama here unless it has to do with my work. Please remember to credit me & save the icons, wallpapers, friend's only banners, etc to your harddrive, because I don't take kindly to direct linking. Please do not remove any of my signitures or alter my work &/or repost it elsewhere & clam it as your own.
Thank you & enjoy.