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Welcome to KJ_Icons

Welcome to my "icon lj". I make icons, wallpapers, friend's only banners, forum sigs, avatars, etc. You name it, I can probably do it. I may not be a master at it, but I try my best.

Remember to give credit where credit is due. If I find you "stealing" my icons, I'll post you on my blacklist. Save yourself the trouble and just give me credit for my work, please.

My personal LJ: mystic_wings
My World of Warcraft LJ: antitweak

New Icons!

Finally made a few icons. Not much to see, but I'm preparing for my vacation, & my job still has me scheduled for the days that I'm gone.

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Follow the icons...Collapse )


New wallpaper, but it's only in 800x600

Really, I don't watch this show...Collapse )

20 new FMA icons!

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14 New Icons

So I made these icons as the first set of icons for my new community spun_icons.

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They are the true Senshi...Collapse )

Wallpaper Preview

My boyfriend went to Europe last summer & between him getting wasted (well, it wasn't that bad...), he took some beautiful pictures. I've converted some into wallpapers. There are also pictures from his brother's trip to Washington DC & Hershey.
You can grab a sneak peek in the 1024x768 Wallpapers Gallery. I haven't finished tagging & such yet. When I do that, I'll upload the 800x600 & 1280x800 wallpapers.

New User Info Look

Well, I got it up for the most part. Except that it's still giving me issues. Apparently LJ does not recognize all HTML tags, & some tags conflict with the LJ layout. So my table isn't at the very top like it supposed to be & I had to change a few things just to get it to show at all. Stupid thing.
Oh well, it's just a temp thing anyway. I want to make a better one, & hopefully by then I'll have figured out how to get it to display right...

24 Chobits Icons

Yes, tons of Chobits icons. I know 24 may be small for most icon artists, but this is the largest batch ever for me. I know most of these feature Chii, but I will probably make more for other characters in the future.

I know I also promised wallpapers, & they will be coming soon. Maybe... I am still searching for a job, & I have a few things lined up for the next few days.

Anyway, on to the icons!

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Shiny New Icons!

More Sailor Moon icons. What can I say? I'm a Moonie for life!

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Well, I know I haven't posted anything new in a while. The Clan has taken over my life, & I've been working on getting a new job. There's a bunch of othere stuff, but yea, you get the point.
Anyway, I am working on some new icons, & those wallpapers. Although trying to find images of this Balmung character is a little hard. It's not as bad as Zoidberg, but still. I'll post stuff when it gets done.

2 New Wallpapers!

I got this request from my best friend since kindergarten, & hopefully she likes them.

If you like FFVII & Cloud, this is your cut...Collapse )